07 September, 2017


i suppose i hadn't realised how many of you keep up on my life via this here thingamabob. and i've been remiss, what with now working on finishing my third smutbook and halfway through the fourth (first is in editing, second to go into editing in 3 days). now that i'm absolutely addicted to writing my smutbooks (and it does feel a lot like an addiction: it gives me an unbelievable high; i want to do it all the time; and when i'm not doing it, i'm thinking about doing it) i feel like i have little left over for the blog, but i'll try to stop by here and tell y'all what i'm up to, just so you don't have to worry, what with all the hurricanes and other instruments of the wrath of god twirling through the atmosphere.

1. i spent five weeks in edmonton. it was supposed to be four, but harvey made them close the airport in houston, so i extended it by one week. it was absolutely wonderful and amazing and i loved nearly every minute of it and i didn't want to come back. palm trees and pools and the american dream (suburban edition) can suck it. i'm an urban woman through and through, and a month spent somewhere where i could walk to all the things and access them without having to drive forever felt like a balm to my soul. seriously, north america, you're doing life wrong!

2. mr. monkey came back after two weeks and so was here when harvey hit. our house wasn't touched, though the pump in our pool burned out and now it's slowly turning greenish while we wait for the replacement to come in the mail. first world problems, yeah. there was a lot of water in the surrounding areas but the woodlands, what with its master planning and white wealth, came out a-ok. because #privilege.

3. mexican guavas are in stores. last time i bought a pack (because it smelled so amazing) i found them inedible, but because i'm a frugal immigrant, i couldn't throw them out so i made the best liqueur of my entire life, which, given my propensity to soak shit in alcohol, is saying something. cut them into quarters, throw'em in a jar. pour everclear over them until covered (just put the whole bottle in, it's ok, what're you gonna do with the leftovers? drink it? didn't think so.). shake occasionally while it stands on your counter like some terrifying experiment from the frankenstein lab for about 3-4 months. drain off booze into separate container, cover fruit with sugar and let stand until it releases liquid. mix sugary/boozy liquid with original infused booze. gets better with age. mine ended up tasting like a super duper strong and incredibly complex tawny port, with hints of vanilla, nutmeg, caramel, and other amazing things that i most certainly did NOT add to it.

4. that's all, folks. later, gots me some smut to write!

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Zhoen said...

Happy smutting and drinking!

And not drowning.