27 September, 2017

in which things happen that should make me sad but instead make me happy AF and also temporarily busy

mr. monkey's surgery was on tuesday. he went back to work the following monday. the day after that, he got laid off. we're getting our house in order so we can sell it and move back home.

the good news:

1. we're going back to a civilised country that treats its citizens so much better when it comes to healthcare. too bad the Big Bad Gangrenous* Gallbladder Bill is already behind us. fairly certain canadian hospitals do all that shit for free, though you might have to pay for parking (see previous post).

2. friends and family!

3. winter!

4. no more texas!

5. mr. m got laid off before our two years here were up so the company is paying for the move back!

6. getting a bit of distance from american politics, though lately they've been infecting our politics as well - way more name calling and divisiveness lately. still, it'll feel good to get out from under the tiny autocratic thumbs of the orange blight.

the bad news:

1. both of us being unemployed, i suppose, though it's hard for me to be worried about that when we have a decent cushion of savings and also WE'RE GOING HOME!!!!!!

2. can't think of any other than the ones that reek of privilege so badly that i won't mention them.

i got in touch with my old boss who told me to touch base with him when i'm home. i guess that's nicer than "fuck you, i'm never hiring your lazy ass again! EVER!" i'm somewhat hopeful, though i think i'll aim for what i'm best at, i.e. temp type jobs that mean i can flit in and out of offices and bring joy and happiness to the dour bureaucratic drones, and then flit off to another assignment.

when mr. monkey told his sister her reaction was literally these words:"is it ok if i'm really happy?" which is pretty much my reaction as well, a reaction i tried to hide for the first day and then gave up because WE'RE GOING HOME!!!!!!!!

at any rate, i'm off to clean, scrub, paint, fold, hide, and move things.

*yes. yes, it was. literally. ew.


Zhoen said...

Such a relief. So glad for you.

Geneviève Goggin said...

I'm so happy you get to move back!! I can only imagine how gleeful it makes you feel! Good luck with the move!

Joan said...


polish chick said...

z, g, j - thanks! i'm super stoked!!!