16 March, 2017

this ain't that kind of blog

but it's my blog, so i can make it any kind of blog i want. and today, i want to make it a "caring for your skin the non-waste granola way" so pull up a sustainably hand-made chair and listen up.


i don't drink a lot of coffee (and when i drink too much my body quickly reminds me to ease off, what with the jittery giblets and all) but i do drink it occasionally, thus generating coffee grounds. what the azaleas don't get (those azaleas love coffee grounds, i'm told!) usually gets tossed, but since my face occasionally reaches the consistency of late february gravel in northern alberta, i like to scrub it with the coffee grounds.

i take a puck of well pressed grounds from my trusty aeropress (thank you, crusty juggler, for introducing me to this flavourful caffeination miracle!!!), throw it in a small bowl, add a teaspoon or two of base oil (jojoba/argan/avocado etc. based on the dryness/oiliness of your complexion), and a couple drops of essential oil (frankincense is my favourite, but patchouli plays well with coffee as well). i mix this well, and keep it by my shower, so that i can exfoliate/moisturize my face whenever i feel like it. you can use it all over your body for a moisturizing/exfoliating fix.

bonus: when my hands are covered in some nasty shit like glue or paint or epoxy, the coffee scrub works like a dream - as well as the specialty stuff!

gentler exfoliation:

if you don't like to scrub yer bits, that's fine. but if you're ever eating fruit, you can take advantage of the alpha hydroxy whatsits contained therein and gently exfoliate yer face. whenever i cut the tops off the strawberries, i'll take one more generous snip and rub the strawberry top all over my visage. i do the same with pineapple, taking it a step further - when i peel pineapple, i cut the peel into small pieces, pop them into a freezer bag, and voila! a soothing, cooling, exfoliating glow miracle in a baggie. remind me when you're staying chez nous, and i can hook you up.


is any of this making me better/younger looking or in any way more appealing? likely not, but it makes me feel like a. i'm repurposing things and b. i'm taking some care with myself which seems important given that i will sometimes go whole days without once looking at myself in the mirror, other than to ascertain the presence or absence of spinach in my teeth.