24 March, 2017


whatever my feelings may be about the united states of america (and lately, baby, you ain't been doing so good!) or texas (and that's double for you!), i have to say that spring here is a thing of great and overwhelming beauty.

i discovered that you can walk along the storm water management bayous that criss cross the township and it reminds me of nothing so much as my childhood walks with my grandma along the fields in poland. ever since those youthful days, when i see wildflowers blooming, i'm in a little bit of heaven.

these are the bluebonnets that texas hill country is famous for. i was surprised to see that they were actually lupins, but that's ok - they just grow on the sides of the roads and make the world beautiful so their nomenclature is irrelevant.

this is literally 5 houses down from where we live, and since discovering it, i've been walking here daily. i envy the people whose houses back onto the bayou. there are always egrets, great blue herons, turtles and butterflies to keep things interesting.

i found wild strawberries and almost did a little dance right there. alas, unlike the wild strawberries i remember from poland or the ones i unexpectedly found in eastern canada, these have no taste. literally. biting into one is like biting into a little red styrofoam ball. highly photogenic, though, so i forgive them.

morning cobweb bowls. as you can imagine, the photo doesn't begin to do them justice.

another shot of the bayou. tends to be filled with skittish turtles and tiny fish.

who can walk by hundreds of wildflowers and not pick a single one? not me, that's who!

well, there you have it. an atypical photo essay because i wanted to share the beauty with y'all.

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Geneviève Goggin said...

I was I Texas in spring a couple of years ago and the millions of wildflowers were indeed a sight to behold. I'm glad you're enjoying a beautiful spring!