03 February, 2017



mr. monkey's family is here - mother in law, sister in law and two wee nephews. because of how many of us there are and the volvobeaste's spatial limitations, we decided to rent a minivan for familial weekend trips. alas, hotwire royally messed up our reservation which, coupled with the super bowl that's on this weekend, meant no minivan for us, which translates to alone time for me while mr. monkey takes his family out to see the alligators, the zoo, NASA, and the gulf while i sit and read in peaceful and much needed solitude.

it's been a good visit so far (my deep fear leading up to it meant my expectations were niiiiice and low) although there have been moments where i seriously considered murder*. the high point of the visit is easy to pinpoint: the wee one, the 2-and-a-bit-year-old, is cute as hell and he and i have gotten a schtick that goes something like this:

moi: platypus!
j: no, YOU're the platypus!
moi: no, YOU're the platypus!
j: no, YOU're the platypus!
moi: no, YOU're the platypus!
j: no, YOU're the platypus!

we can (and do) go on at length, both of us highly entertained. if i start off whispering, he'll whisper it back at me. if i yell, he'll yell. if i speak in polish, he'll revert to polish. the way he says platypus is something to behold and it makes me want to eat his adorable round head even more.


the day mr. monkey's family leaves is the day my dad arrives, driving down a car my parents are generously giving me. he will run a marathon (my dad never ever travels without running a marathon; thinks it's indecent or something) and take off several days later. a couple days after that, mr. monkey and i go off to new orleans for mardi gras and then, on the day we return, i just found out my cousin, his wife, and their three children are flying in and staying for 2 weeks. this means that from january 28 until march 9, we will essentially be non-stop hosting or guesting. the rate things are going, i suspect somebody else will announce their arrival on march 10, but that's ok. as long as i get some down time, i'm good... i think.

*yes, it was the 4 year old almost every time. how'd you guess?


Geneviève Goggin said...

Ah, the Fricken' Fours. I know them well.
Hopefully all these visits will result in a net benefit for your soul and that the murderous thoughts will be kept to a minimum.
Have fun!

Zhoen said...

I'd probably find the older one a little easier, but that's just me.

Did you watch the Puppy Bowl?

polish chick said...

g - yes, yes they are. no idea who started the whole terrible twos thing since i've uniformly found them charming and cute. but the fours? great marketing team to cover up a shit product!

zhoen - i wouldn't put money on it. in 6 months maybe, but seriously, there's so much drama it gets exhausting!

puppy bowl? no. they were all out all day in galveston so everyone missed out on all the bowls. but it sounds much more interesting than the football thing which interests me not one whit.

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