28 December, 2016

things fall apart (with sauerkraut and mushrooms)

eating inappropriately seems to be a thing. as stated before, christmas dinner consisted of leftover tuna casserole. tonight's supper is a glass of sparkling white wine and a bowl of cheerios.

it's worth noting, however, that today i did several loads of laundry, ironed some seriously wrinkled pants, helped mr. monkey with certain work-related documents, and started working on a giant batch of bigos, having recently been inducted into the family culinary secrets.

it must be said that from its description, the dish sounds rather... unappetizing? if properly made, however, it is of surpassing deliciousness and my uncle's version (originally made by my maternal grandfather who made this part of his Manly Cookery repertoire) is the very best i've ever had. my mom's, my mother-in-law's, anyone else's, really, simply doesn't compare, and last week my uncle allowed me to participate in the blessed event: watching, sprinkling things judiciously into a Very Large Pot, mixing, tasting, and mixing some more. the end result was phenomenal (each year we say he has surpassed himself, though how likely is it that perfection should get ever more perfect?) we'll see how mine turns out.  because it is a two day process one typically makes large amounts and freezes them for future consumption. i'll let you know. better yet, you can drop by for a taste!

so that's that.


Lucy said...

Oddly, for someone who is quite adventurous about trying (food) things, I have never eaten sauerkraut/choucroute in any form. I'm sure bigos is nice though! (Having established it's singular not plural.)

polish chick said...

lucy! i am shocked! what about kimchi? brined pickles? are you a fan of cabbage in its unfermented state?
when we meet, i shall bring a large vat of sauerkraut for you. this is a promise!

Zhoen said...

I cannot do kimchi or sauerkraut, it might taste fine, but the smell means I can never get it close enough to my mouth to try.

We ordered Chinese tonight, from a new place since the old one closed a while back.

polish chick said...

chinese works. why not?