08 September, 2016

neither here nor there


i know i've mentioned this before, but i do tend to make my big life decisions on the fly. case in point 1. walking back from heritage days (a.k.a. meat-on-a-stick festival) over a year ago, i turned to mr. monkey and nonchalantly said, hey! let's do it! let's move to texas! case in point 2. while visiting my parents in ontario mid july, i suddenly got the hankering to text my friend n: hey girl! i wanna come home! any jobs at your place?! will work for peanuts. she responded with the highly professional and mature: whoa-whoa!  for realz?!? let me talk to the boss. and thus it is that a mere 3 months later, in about 3 weeks, i will be leaving mr. monkey, taking up a career-type job, and moving home. granted, i'm not leaving him in the manner that word tends to suggest, but for all intents and purposes, i am quite literally leaving him. in typical mom fashion, i worry more about him than me - i'll be swamped with catching up, working, settling in, drinking with folk, checking out all the new buildings, and will have little time to wallow. then again, he needs far less social interaction than i do, and will likely enjoy this opportunity to rewire the garage, retile the shower, and work on his spoon collection in peace. it will be fine and the year will fly by and then he'll come home and we'll take a month of constant fighting to readjust to each other.


if i were designing a human-animal hybrid, or if i could go in for some specialized corporeal augmentation, this is what i'd order:

1. prehensile feet (what a wasted opportunity for usefulness our feet are in their current state.)

2. prehensile tail, or at least an elegant feline tail (none of that canine or equine flailing about)

3. night vision

4. gills

5. chromatophores


oddly enough,  once i got the job, i immediately started to enjoy texas. texas (and the states in general) go down easy in the short term but are unpalatable to me in the long term. visit? yes! live? no. live and learn, people, live and learn. i look forward to many wonderful visits to this beautiful country.


i am realising that my self-imposed american politics cleanse has done wonders for me. i care less, and not just cause i'm moving home to canada (after all, having a big, dumb, well-armed, ignorant, orange next door neighbour isn't exactly safe, and there is the possibility that post-november that is exactly what we'll have. i hope for hillary, but the media seems hellbent on ratings over rationality so who the fuck knows?) excessive exposure to insanity tends to spread said insanity. unlike my mental health, reality remains unaffected by my choices. well done, me, for backing away slowly and averting my gaze.


Lucy said...

Just love that canine flailing about (even when they don't have one, like Elfie).

I'm kind of taken aback when people who aren't what I'd call redneck morons are so avers to Hillary that they can't see opting for quite simply the lesser of two evils being an absolute necessity, do they understand something I don't?

Don't know if it's just me, but I think perhaps you're at the best stage for doing all this demanding chopping and changing and discomfort and separation: grown-up enough to handle it but still with enough energy and will. Looking back I reckon I was up for things ten years or so ago I simply wouldn't take on now, though everyone's life arcs and patterns are different, of course, and it's not all about choice and free-will.

polish chick said...

lucy: oh, i love canine tails in action, i just wouldn't want to have one. if i did get to choose, i'd go feline all the way.

yeah, i gotcha. the whole "lesser of two evils" or "both are lying creeps" just doesn't come anywhere near the truth. one's been vetted by independent sources as being pretty damn trustworthy for a politician, and the other is a fucking narcissist with no moral filter. and i don't think it's a question of THEM understanding something you don't, but the very polar opposite.

you're right about the last point. my mom keeps saying she's running out of steam to do the things that came naturally to her. and that's part of why i'm doing it - for one, the opportunity, but two, i feel like this is my last chance to make big decisions. i told mr. m - once i'm back home, i am NOT EVER MOVING AWAY AGAIN. EVER.