06 September, 2016


i got the offer of employment letter today. shit just got real: i'm going home. this means that i must look reality in the eye and start planning. my fear of jinxing the process has given way to a jumble of emotions, most of which are positive (i'm going home!!!!) but some of which are tainted by confusion and slight trepidation. not about the job. no, not yet (oh hell, that's coming for damn sure!), and not about missing mr. monkey (THAT will not be fun), but about the logistics. i now have a start date, which, with sanity salad's visit towards the middle of the month, gives me roughly 2.5 weeks to get my shit together.

i started with simple stuff - moving my fall and winter clothes from the walk-in closet into the spare bedroom. i toss them in a pile each time i go upstairs; the packing will come later. so far i'm taking my vitamix with me, plus we have more than enough spoons, ladles, and wooden cooking utensils to outfit an army, so i'll dip in and make mr. monkey share his bounty. i know i will have to borrow some furniture and kitchen stuff - there is no need for us to buy anything ever again, so i don't want to add to the pile of things that already haunts the murky edges of my consciousness. well, maybe one dresser. maybe.

it'll be an interesting time: once again, as when we moved down south, there really isn't a solid plan. but this time, rather than jumping into the black terror of the unknown, i'm aiming for the fluffy comfort of home: family, friends, the cold of winter, the street corners that i can navigate with my eyes closed! my bananologist! my massage therapist! and did i mention my friends?

kids' books are filled with stories of adventurous ducks and bears and dinosaurs who undertake a journey of self discovery. i'm not sorry we moved south. the move was just like a cute family of racoons setting off to see the big world. and just like those racoons, we found that there's no place like home. so i'm putting my things in a bundle, tying it to a stick, and heading north: homeward bound.


Geneviève Goggin said...
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Geneviève Goggin said...

Hooray for you! Time will fly by and you will be reunited with Mr. Monkey before you know it.

Tom said...

I do wish you both all the best for the future. "Parting is such sweet sorrow!" But that will pass.

Lucy said...

All the best, from a fellow temporary wanderer!

Have enjoyed reading back, and glad you've found a way through, I'm sure the relief and benefits will outweigh the disadvantages. Very touched by Mr Monkey's candlelit vigil for the dog.

Zhoen said...

Clicking your heels together, Dorothy!

Could you manage a bit of lawn furniture to use inside until you remerger? Just a thought. I helped pack Dylan's parents this morning, so I'm on Move Mode®.

polish chick said...

thanks, all!