10 September, 2016

eye roll, please

i just spent well over two hours searching online for a new smartphone (the one i have - and love - will not be able to come to canada with me). then i spent another hour looking for a case for the phone. now i'm spending even more time shopping for a salad spinner because i accidentally hurled the one i have - and love - onto the tile floor of the kitchen, cracking the bowl in several places. when i was in edmonton this spring and needed a temporary cell plan, it took me roughly 3 days (THREE DAYS!!!) to pick one. this is what happens when i shop online - i scour the reviews, the articles, the specs; i read and ponder and make mental notes. not so with big life decisions, oh, no: let's move to texas! let's get a job in edmonton and leave the husband behind! whoopeee! but heaven help me if i spend 8$ on a phone case and it's the wrong one!

salad spinner recommendations welcome in comments section.


Crusty Juggler said...

Whenever I need a home thing, i check the reviews on Sweethome first. So far we've bought a mop, a drill, iron, can opener, and other stuff. So far, we've been completely satisfied with their recommendations. It's a U.S. site though, so bonus if their recommendations are actually available in Canada for a reasonable price. http://thesweethome.com/reviews/best-salad-spinner/

Tom said...

As you seem to be adept at going into a tight spin yourself, why not just hold the lettuce at arm's length?

Lucy said...

Did you see that Mr Bean episode when he stopped for lunch and got out a salad leaf, washed it, took his sock off, put the wet leaf in it and spun it round his head?

I can't imagine breaking a salad spinner bowl, they always seem to be made of such bendy bouncy plastic as I imagine is bleeding dioxins in vast quantities into your cos, batavia or feuille de chene like there is no tomorrow. I only throw mine out when the basket gets so blackened with lettuce juice it is unappetising.

'Doctor, doctor, I've got a lettuce leaf sticking out of my anus!'
'Ha, that's just the tip of the iceberg!'