23 August, 2016


let it be said: i don't believe in beaming out positivity and the universe responding in kind. i don't believe that wishing or praying hard enough will accomplish anything. i most certainly don't believe that things happen for a reason. i don't believe (although i'm sorely tempted by) magical thinking. but there is a belief (or something akin to belief, it's more of the deep dark root of belief, something beyond visceral, something primordial and ugly) that causes me to fear speaking about things that are not yet locked up. despite my rational mind's pleas, i have a hard time saying, hey! i had a job interview! unless i already know i got the job. that deep dark thing believes (or makes me believe) that if i tell someone i think we found the house we want, it will somehow jinx it, make it go sideways. my mind knows this to be silly but the fear persists. it's all the worse for me knowing how irrational it is. if i fully embraced it, i'd be fine, but having these two forces duke it out inside me, the rational and the primordial, feels distinctly uncomfortable.

while i believe one ought to embrace one's own self, warts and all, there's a balancing act here: some warts i'd pay to have removed like that atavistic thing that makes me superstitious and fearful. i guess it's the fear that i resent the most, this feeling that if i say too much or say it to too many people, i, myself, will be responsible for the failure of the job or the house. so maybe, in a roundabout way, it's really about trying to assert control over situations that give me none (after all, i can't control if my house offer will be accepted or a job offered, i can only do my best) if that's the case, and i suspect it is, then it looks like excision of the thing is all about accepting that sometimes in life one is powerless.


Zhoen said...

You don't have to believe to abide by the superstitions. Medical people and engineers do it all the time. There is a Pratchett essay pertinent, I'll find it later.

And seeing the positives really does help, because we see what we are. Not magical thinking, but attitude matters.

Again, like Pratchett's witches not believing in gods. They know they exist, they're just not going to go around believing in them.

Zhoen said...

(crossing fingers)

polish chick said...

funny you should say that about being positive - i was going to come back here and clarify that i strongly believe it's super important to be positive, but for your own health (mental and otherwise) not to bend the universe to your will. i don't think i made it clear at all. because i think gratitude, patience, love, openness are all great and powerful things, but not in the wielding-a-weapon way the woo people talk about it. so thanks!

and a good point on the professionals abiding by certain rules. it's all fine until it starts to make you afraid if you do the "wrong" thing or believe hard enough or something. i guess that's the point, innit? the not really believing.

thanks for allowing me to make things more obvious.

and yes, please pass on the essay when you find it!

Zhoen said...

Yes, clearer now.