26 August, 2016


two nights ago we were in bed, nearly asleep, when we heard a strange mechanical sound going up and down the local streets. keep in mind that unlike my last totally urban location this place is quiet: local traffic only, rarely at that, and almost never late at night. it's the 'burbs! so this dopplering strange sounding vehicle piqued my interest. when i heard it coming up our road, i jumped out of bed but only caught a glimpse of the back of a vehicle lit up by an inexplicable green light. i almost went back to bed but mr. monkey reasonably pointed out that this is a cul-de-sac and one of the physical laws that govern cul-de-sacs is "what comes in, must come out" and so i waited.

soon enough the strange mechanical-but-not-exactly-vehicular sound started to draw closer. it was a truck, a white half ton emblazoned with logos, and sporting on the back a large green light which illuminated some sort of industrial sized diffuser on the back of the cab that sprayed a fine mist into the surrounding area as it drove. probably mosquitoes, i thought, but i'd watched enough tv shows of late to at least entertain the idea that mind control might be on the table. perhaps this is precisely how suburbia works! how else do you account for people "choosing" to live in places that are dull, repetitive, offer no destinations, no distractions, nowhere to walk, no sense of actually being somewhere, and nothing beyond an aesthetically bland placidity?

if in the next wee while i start writing odes in praise of the suburban life or take up golf, you need to stage an intervention, but remember: government agents are watching.

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Zhoen said...

Growing up in Detroit, we looked down on suburbanites.

Still a city girl.