07 August, 2016

not that kind of hole

c and i made a pact not to talk about american politics because it is not good for our mental health. we've been doing quite well for the most part. the rule was this - don't share/post anything that makes you angry and/or wanting to kick something. last night i texted c my little adventure with gun-loving dad. this was his response (or series of responses):

c: holy shit. that is fucked up. how fucking welcoming at a public place to have a dude with a gun.
kid will probably play with it and shoot his sister or something in a few years. why are americans so scared!

c: don't answer!

c: not going down that rabbi hole!

c: rabbit!

c: rabbi's don't have holes

c: well they do, but not the type I mean.


Zhoen said...

Fluffy puppies, fluffy puppies.

Mythbusters did a show about driving angry or calm, and Grant's therapy to drive happy involved a half dozen fluffy puppies. Fluffy puppies was his mantra while driving the course happy.

polish chick said...

i once met a baby pug and spent several minutes rubbing her soft squishy belly. i think that particular slice of time is a very good mantra for moments of anger.