19 August, 2016

monkey's choice

we stood at the entrance to security at the houston airport, watching SIL wheel away the sticky, loud, annoying, adorable, sweet, cute, crazy littles. we were subdued and quiet and misty eyed. mr. monkey cried silently in an emotionally-open but entirely manly way*. when he remained withdrawn on the drive back, i asked him what he was thinking about and he told me he was reflecting on the worth of us being here. like me, he didn't regret the decision to move to texas, but, like me, he decided that we would be going home as soon as it was possible. being close to family trumps a hell of a lot, including a coveted lifestyle that we have never coveted.

so it looks like we're both on the same page now, fully. we're working our way home.

*just kidding. he did cry but fucked if i care that crying is perceived as diminishing one's masculinity. but i guess you already knew/assumed that about me. 


Zhoen said...

Crying is fully human, to deny it to men robs them of part of their humanity. Pisses me off.

And, good, going home. It's always good to jump in and give it a bash, never regret that. Makes going home even better.

Zhoen said...

Not pissed off at you, I hasten to add.


In the spirit of science, there really is no such thing as a "failed experiment." Any test that yields valid data is a valid test.


Failure is always an option.

- Adam Savage.

polish chick said...

no, no i know you're not pissed off at me. you're pissed off at the same thing that i found stupid, i.e. the whole "men don't cry" thing. we both had tears streaming down our faces and that's as it should be.

you're right about experiments.