27 August, 2016


ladies and gentlemen, between the stresses of my current situation* and my natural monthly hormonal fluctuations, i am officially a hot mess. mr. monkey and i watched blue planet last night and i bawled (and i mean BAWLED) at a segment where a pod of orcas attacked and killed a baby grey whale. even the silken voice of sir david attenborough couldn't snap me out of it. then i had a meltdown of epic (read: 4-year-old) proportions because there's nowhere to walk to to get food in this god forsaken suburban wasteland and the only place that delivers is super shitty pizza and i NEEDED JUNK FOOD NOW. mr. monkey, being his usual calm and lovely self came downstairs and mcgyverred me up something vaguely pepperoni pizzaish and quite delicious (though still too wholesome to pass for the junk food i needed). this morning, i got teary eyed at a twitter feed and all the goddamn burkini-related news. then, when i went to quartz, thinking that sciency-type articles would be a safe bet, i watched a funny commercial that made me inexplicably dissolve into tears once again:

i am now giving up on social media (yeah, cause the real world ain't gonna make me cry at all. hah.) going to get some groceries and some pickling cukes, and if pickling don't cure what ails me, then i'm a lost cause.

so: don't talk to me today. i might just start to weep.

*waiting and hoping and stuff


Zhoen said...

(gives tissue)

Zhoen said...


Evelyne Robidoux said...

Your post made me think of this song
and then this one

Thinking of you, often. Wish we were closer.

polish chick said...

zhoen - thanks!

evelyne!!! i didn't realise you were still reading! how wonderful to hear from you and thank you for the songs. it's always nice to have a good crying soundtrack.

Zhoen said...

Evelyne, I'm loving the songs, too. Thanks.

Tom said...

I refuse point blank to watch David Attenborough. He just seems to enjoy the brutal side of life too much.