05 June, 2016

settling in or just settling?

we had tb over for supper on friday, reinstating our friday night supper/alcohol/conversation tradition and hosting our first actual meal at The Canoe. it was fun, but it also made me look at this place with a critical eye - i don't think it feels like home yet, not quite. one thing: music! music seems to fill some of the hugeness of the house and makes it feel more cozy. a second thing i just did this morning: i brought a small antique dresser and mirror from the bedroom and installed it on the strange large blank wall whose odd window placement means it is resistant to art hanging (at least in my mind's eye). it will act as our bar, and it warms up that damn wall remarkably:

the third thing: i need to put up curtains and soon. i am absolutely allergic to blinds and find them as hard to clean as they are to look at. they make the place look sterile and hospital-like, neither of which is the look that i'm aiming for.

and yes, in case you're wondering, the floor does have a strange reddish tinge to it, but that's the floor i have so that's the floor i will try to love. i keep looking at this place and wondering how one can put one's own stamp on a decidedly bland suburban home, but then i realise that my mom did exactly that in every house that she's lived in, so i suppose it's not the end of the world. and hey, let me give you some more glimpses into my life so you can see what all the fuss is about:

and here, last but not least, is the yard that doesn't require mowing, only, you know seventeen types of pool chemicals thrown in at various intervals and into various portions thereof. however, and it's a big however (HOWEVER!!!!!!!), when it's hot, and it gets damn hot here, this thing is a blessing and i'm not gonna say another bad word against it. also, that's larry the lizard, lounging languidly (ain't he cute?):

i have just received my social insurance number, am about to go and get my texas driver's license, and have started applying for jobs. the shit, it just got real, ladies and gentlemen in the audience. 

most boring post ever. over and out. 


Zhoen said...

I'd be tempted to put a Chinese scroll under those odd windows. Very Texas sort of place, from the blandness to the red floors to the lovely pool. Hi, to Larry. (The lizard in "Death in Paradise" was called Harry.)

Rather like the red floors, gives the place some warmth and character, that you can add to with other strong colors. Mexican fuschias and tropical greens, or with cool neutrals.

You'll get there, I'm sure. I've found it takes about a year to get a place really feeling like home.

polish chick said...

holy crap! you watch "death in paradise" too? definitely not written for binge watching, as it's too formulaic, but dang, i love that show! it makes me feel good about life (although it also makes me want to escape to a small ratty cabin in the caribbean somewhere) and it made me want a lizard of my very own!

yeah, i could have taken a photo of our sectional and its multi-coloured cushions, but the wall above it is temporarily blank. once i put some things up (a very bright mexican thread painting) it'll make a difference. but the curtains, i needs'em!

Zhoen said...

So, you are thinking full on Tex-Mex brilliance?