08 April, 2016

eat your salad noisily ELSEWHERE, madam

sleep has been problematic. the bed is glorious - mine, made of some woo organic free-range non-VOC-generating memory foam woven by free elves singing chi-aligning hymns. the bedding is fabulous - charcoal grey linen, wrinkled in just the right way, breathable, soft, beautiful, woven by handsome bearded hipster scandinavian fans of sigur rós and dyed with the essence of nightshade. the pillows are exceptional - filled with the underarm fuzz of virginal ducklings fed on nothing but non-GMO artisanal ancient grains and watered with artesian springs. the duvet is sublime - brimming with the pubic hair of buddhist goslings raised on the music of enya played by tibetan monks on singing bowls. the room is cool and dark. the night is long. what, then, is the shit?

imma go out on a limb and blame the endless stream of adulting i've been engaged in: buy a house, sell a condo, get taxes ready for the accountant, phone bankers, email bankers, email realtors, visit bankers, sign papers, sign other papers, all the while dealing with unexpected things that pop up...unexpectedly. last night was particularly special: i drank several glasses of red wine at my cousin's place, walked home through a beautiful mild night, got home exhausted and ready to sleep... which wouldn't come. i must have eventually dozed around midnight only to jolt awake at 3am with a raging headache. i got up, took some meds, lied back down and took a hell of a long time falling back asleep, knowing full well i had to get up early because of a morning showing. the cherry on the insomnia cake was a dream about the evil boss who made me quit my job, wherein she demanded that i pack up my salad and eat it elsewhere because my crunching was offensive to her.*

by lunch i was loopy and by the early afternoon i decided that barring an unexpected showing (i never say no to a showing!**) i'm spending the rest of friday at home. to be more precise, because of the location of the strongest interwebs, i'm spending the remainder of today in bed, its northwest corner to be exact. i have my laptop. i have my books. i have my cup of herbal tea. i have my sweatshirt and leggings. i have netflix. really, it's all that i need. and at precisely 10pm, i shall take half a sleeping pill because if there's one thing i've learned, it's that a night of really bad sleep rarely translates into a good sleep on the morrow; on the contrary, like an overtired toddler, i can be sure to toss and turn tonight unless i medicate the hell out of the situation.

and unto you, my gentle readers, i wish a great and wondrous weekend.

*i think night brain might be running out of plot lines
**which is why i haven't cooked once since i've been back. garlic smells nice to dinner guests; not so much to potential buyers***
***we're selling a sexy urban lifestyle, baby, not just a condo!


Zhoen said...

Retreat is such an underrated virtue.

Many years ago, Dylan started playing recorded books for me, when I had to sleep in the daytime, or go to bed very early to adjust to very early mornings. He benefitted from "bedtime stories" as well. And he got to hear Winnie the Pooh for the first time.

We still listen to an hour of some sort of recorded book nearly every night, and it helps, if only because of the long established ritual.

polish chick said...

what a cool idea! if only i could get mr. monkey off his laptop addiction...though this might be just the thing to do it!

and yes, i agree about the retreat.

Geneviève Goggin said...

On the plus side, we get to see each other tomorrow!

Tom said...

A bottle a day keeps old Morpheus at bay! :)

polish chick said...

g - yes!

tom - sadly. and it wasn't even anywhere near a bottle.

the auntologist said...

Sleep has been evading me lately, too. New medication! It's supposed to be anti-anxiety, so I don't see why insomnia should be a side effect. But then I started wondering if there's some weird circular math thing there, like what if I'm only sleeping so much because I'm anxious, so when it stops, I don't need to sleep excessively? On the other hand, I haven't had any sleep lately, so I'm probably not thinking super clearly.