15 March, 2016

use yer words

when our final offer on the house was accepted, i alerted crusty juggler with (to me) a very clear thumbs up.

she responded: house?! wha?! use words or more emoticons! (followed by a confused spaceman cyclops.)

i chose to take the latter road, and what ensued was a rather intelligent and witty conversation entirely in emoji. it went something like this:

moi: yes, we purchased a house, a contract was signed. (house. official looking piece of parchment.)

cj: i am very pleased and excited about this development! (onomatopoeic blast with "yay!")

moi: we agreed upon a price that was satisfactory to all parties. (money bag. thumbs up.)

cj: i heartily congratulate you. (fist bump!)

moi: i accept your hearty congratulations. (fist bump!)

cj: i really am rather chuffed. (happy yellow blob in what looks like a pool of raspberry jam.)

moi: i am certain i will enjoy our newly purchased pool. (alien with drink suntanning on towel.)

cj: i am all in a tizzy! (belly-up cat on pillow.)

moi: well, it's been an exciting and tiring day. i believe i am almost ready to retire for the night. (monster in nightcap, stretching and yawning in bed.)

cj: yes, i too believe i am ready to call it a day. (sleeping yellow blob in what appears to be a pool of blueberry jam.)

cj: this is really most excellent news. talk to you later! (thumbs up. waving hand.)

moi: i bid you adieu! (purple cat waving goodbye.)


Zhoen said...

New fangled eloquence, ah.

the auntologist said...