17 March, 2016

housey mcstuff

i spent an hour and 5 minutes talking to our banketty/mortage guy. one thing i can say immediately and sans qualifications, the people i've been dealing with in the united states of 'murica, have been kind, professional, thorough, and gooooood. q is no exception. i've compiled a pile of papers to prove to q that we is who we says we is, and we owns what we says we owns, and we does what we says we does, and threw it in his lap. this mortgage, it is moving forward, baby!

we have also had an inspection 2 days ago. dude made sure our house was strong and solid, our pool was strong and solid, and he farmed out a sub-inspection to make sure our termites were strong and solid. all came back with glowing reviews (especially our termites which, apparently, are like the awesomest termites on the block!) small changes and/or tweaks were reported (truly small considering the age of the house (wait, when i was 17, i'm pretty sure i was in the peak form of my life!)) and we submitted them to the sellers (i.e. fix the thing, tighten the whatsit, flip the doomaflickey so it's facing the correct way up, etc.) overall, good things, which makes me realise how scared i am of good things because good things, to me, are some kind of terrifying portent of bad things to come.  because, i suppose, in my heart of hearts, i don't think i deserve the good things, which is like some sort of case study from psychology 101 and i find it so utterly boring imma show myself out.

later, gator!


Tom said...

In a while, 'dile! Wishing you well, and you must know you deserve nice things. (Send me your snail-mail address when available!)

Zhoen said...

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Great, a house, with pets already!

polish chick said...

nah, just kidding, zhoen - no termites of any kind! but i did see a couple geckos, which makes me happy! maybe we can train them to eat termites, if any should materialize.

the auntologist said...

I bet the geckos are actually devouring pests free of charge. Excellent pets to have! Plus, swivelly eyes! Or is that chameleons?

Congratulations in advance on your imminent be-housedness! I'm just writing a thing for school all about how houses change characters dramatically for the better. Once I thought it up, I realized it's true. (Useful when that happens.) So although that really applies to gothic novels, I'm sure it will hold true for you, too, and like a Jane Austen heroine, you too will come to believe that you deserve a wonderful house.

That is also Psych 101. We come to believe we deserve what we have. Therefore, go forth and have nice things!

Zhoen said...

Having our House made a huge difference for me. My in-laws still mention how much happier I seem.

You deserve a house and home and all that. Possibly including pets (your choice of species.)

polish chick said...

A, zhoen - thank you! i will do my best!