10 March, 2016

eat your damn cheeseburger and SHUT THE HELL UP!

read an interesting (and entirely non surprising) article about crap food consumption in america. then, because i'm incorrigible, i moved on to the comments and there, right at the top of the pile, was this gem of an exchange:

a: food police are among the most obnoxious people on the planet. i think i'll go get a bacon cheeseburger.

b: are they second to "fatass americans who don't care what kind of pink slime they put in their gross bodies, or who (are) making massive fortunes at the expense of the country's health (system) due to a serious lack of regulation"?

nobody is "policing" what you eat you enormous man baby.

i think imma call everyone i meet today "you enormous man baby" because it's kinda awesome. also, i'm really craving a cheeseburger now.


Zhoen said...

The dental team (there were maybe a half dozen who worked on me) that (and I use this word with regret) NAGGED me about flossing, over and over and over, despite telling me my teeth were in very good shape, made it so hard to floss for a long time after. I'd brush my teeth, then thought about how pushy they'd been, and could not make myself pick up the floss.

I love fresh, healthy food. But if I was told I was a terrible person for having chips now and then, the urge to have more would get overwhelming.

Which is why I wish people would shut up about Trump, they're making him look more appealing to those already inclined to his rhetoric. Push the appeal of the others, and ignore the q-tip.

Lucy said...

Will you call Mr Monkey that in the throes of passion?

polish chick said...

i think i may already do that. it just never occurred to me to take it outside the family!

polish chick said...

zhoen - i made a point of not nagging my patients about flossing. i gave them information, and never EVER let them blame me for the bleeding gums, cause it was all their doing, not mine. but i always thought - these people are adults and it's their choice.

i must agree with the article, though, in that this isn't a question of pure choice, it's systemic. people don't know how to cook, and think it's a mystery of the highest order. it sounds to me like it's not your favourite chore but you do it and take care with it, which is the important part. so yes, i think telling people how and what to do does usually have the opposite of the intended effect (when i talk to a militant vegan i immediately start craving steak, because steak is great at taking away the bitter taste of moral superiority).

but come on, admit it, that is a lovely insult!

Zhoen said...

Oh, that was a given, great insult.