13 March, 2016

beige...the (hopefully) final edition

so yesterday, for mr. monkey's birthday, we got him a house. we are still at the very early stages of house-getting, and since here in the US it takes 45-60 days (unlike the 3-4 that we're used to in canada), this might still turn out to be a no go, but so far, so good.

keep yer bits crossed, dear poultries.


Zhoen said...


Expecting constant updates.

We saw House almost exactly two months before we moved in. Given that it was a short sale, that was astonishing. So, ya know, could be worse.

Geneviève Goggin said...

Bits are crossed. Now tell us about the house.

Lucy said...

Hopeful hooray, and happy birthday Mr M.

When you get it paint it shocking pink and lime green or something. With or without a soft sheen.

Zhoen said...

What Lucy said, promise to paint it all bright and wonderful colors!

polish chick said...

thanks, all!..or should i say" all y'all"?