17 February, 2016

first world woes

i'm sitting here in a darkened room with a headache that started, quietly enough, last night, and was there in the morning to greet me. no surprise, i guess, that i've had more than my recent share of headaches, what with the stress and all. and rubbery pillows, natch.

i don't generally believe in luck but have found myself looking askance at the fates of late. here, as much for your reading pleasure as for my living displeasure, is a list of recent fails:

1. since my own phone died 2 day before reaching texas, i needed a new phone, stat. tried to order said phone, but was unable to without credit cards with an american address attached to them. bank had received said cards, got an email from them asking for address for forwarding, sent email with address. a week later, still no cards and another email asking about address. sent email with address again. finally received cards.

2.  as soon as our credit cards came in the mail, i ordered a new phone. a week later, no phone. looked  and looked and finally realised no phone had actually been ordered despite email with confirmation number (luckily no $ taken). went back to order again, phone sold out. ordered the next best one.

3. waited for debit cards from 2 banks with which we have american accounts. a month later, still no cards. not that big a deal, right? wrong - you need a debit card to get a money order, and you need to pay brokerage fees with money orders when you get stuff shipped from overseas. guess who had stuff shipped from overseas and needed to pay brokerage fees with a money order in order to get our good released? yes. that's right. us.

4. mr. monkey called his company's credit union explaining situation (caused by them, since they accidentally sent our debit cards to a partially imaginary address somewhere in california (we think)) and they promised us money orders by internal courier next day (i.e. friday). friday - no money orders. they arrived monday.

5. i ordered a bike over 3 weeks ago. despite emailing back and forth with seller and an extended and utterly useless phone call with fedex, no bike. i suspect theft. it came to the area, was supposed to be delivered on the 10th and then, suddenly, poof! disappeared.

now, because we don't want to be negative or anything, and we do want to be fair, here is a list of (eventual) successes:

1. phone arrived as scheduled. it works. it's pretty. it makes nifty sounds.

2. bike seller was responsive and sent another bike which is due to arrive tomorrow. we'll see what happens.

3. shipment of goods from poland arrived in an almost miraculously pristine state, by which i mean that the shrink wrap we enshrouded them in looks the same as it did when we put them on the truck in warsaw in december. frankly, i am shocked. there was one crack on a mirror, but seeing as we forgot about this mirror and did nothing to support it, one small crack is pretty amazing considering its journey by truck; ship; another ship; possibly another ship though i can't be sure, or i can but don't care enough to find out; truck; and another truck.

the less said about our house hunt, the better. no, seriously, i don't even wanna talk about it.

super positive side:

it's green, and beautiful, and trees and flowers are blooming, and every morning birds wake me up with their mellifluousity.


Zhoen said...

Sounds like a bigmove.

Lost my wallet the first week in Boston. That was fun. I was gone 12 hours four days a week, Dylan did most of the footwork to get all my IDs replaced.

This was our themesong, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtNxIvhSlgs

Geneviève Goggin said...

Yikes. First world woes they may be, but that's a whole lot of them. Sounds like a full time job just dealing with all that crap. Good luck with the house hunting!!