07 February, 2016

down south, y'all

i'm back. i'm here. i'm fine.

at first, there was too much to process and write about and i felt i needed to sit on it for a while before i wrote. then, too much time had passed, and i felt that anything i wrote would be perfunctory and too late.

now i think i'd best get in here or i'll never get back or i'll write random posts while completely glossing over the fact that i am now living in the united states of america, in a very pretty and beige little community, in texas, for christsakes, the one place anyone who knows me would most certainly not put me, and overall, it's all good.

highlights - 4 day drive south turned into 5 day drive south because of an overzealous customs agent who made us retrace our steps (over 6h in total) in order to get a letter from the nearest volvo dealer, at which the customs agent we lucked into the following day didn't even glance! luck of the draw is one of my great annoyances with the grey-assed muddle of bureaucracy - ask seven bureaucrats a question and you're liable to get nine different answers. but we made it.

montana is big and open and beautiful and mountainous and empty. ditto wyoming plus wind. new mexico we zoomed through, and texas welcomed us with one of the most spectacular sunsets of recent memory, and although it was just meteorology and shit, it felt like it meant something.

the thing with texas is that it taps into two things for me: 1. familiarity: much of it is very similar to alberta, although the particular bit we're in, is not. and 2. my not particularly well advertised love of the western genre - driving through amarillo i felt a thrill that i could not easily explain - something about the name conjured up cowboys and lassoes and camping under the stars, although it was really just a city we drove through on the way south. even signs outside restaurants denying entry to individuals carrying weapons, well, at this point it still seems cute. armadillo roadkill, great mexican restaurants, and good bbq round out the things i like. there are things i don't like, but that's the price of admission to life, so i'll deal.

at any rate, my poultries, i'm alive, i'm here, i'm happy. more later!


the auntologist said...

Hurray! I'm glad you're there safe and sound! Alberta and Texas are analogues for sure. How nice of Texas to throw a beautiful sunset to welcome you! I gave a character your town in Poland btw! I wrote this many years ago and never named the town, so now it's yours. Boom! I'm so sorry about your grandmother, too! I hope you're settling in well!

Zhoen said...

Yee as they say hawww!

Tom said...

Well, everything just appears to be going just too too swimmingly, dear thing (says he with terribly English plum in mouth). I do hope everything continues in a good vein. Good luck to you both.

Lucy said...

Very glad to hear it's so positive, enjoy, relax and leave a word when you feel like.

polish chick said...

aunt - thanks! it's nice of you to name my city! yay! and thank you.

zhoen - yep.

tom - many a hiccup, nothing "too swimmingly" about it, but most have been so boring that i haven't felt like writing about them. too much happy scares me!

lucy - will do. trying via small manageable posts!