11 January, 2016


hi. i've been meaning to come here and tell you some of the stories of my life for days now. alas, i didn't. the fact that i am here today is testament to how badly i ought to be packing right about now since we leave for our 4 day drive south on saturday or sunday. procrastination is the name of the game!

i'm so stressed out right now that all i want to do is lie down and sleep. i remember this strange reaction to stress at school where i would routinely go to bed at 8pm. each day this week has a lunchtime appointment, an evening appointment, and things to do in-between. some of these things i need to do now. some of these things i could have (should have!) done last month or two months or hey, three months ago!

the inexcusable laziness of yesterday me fucked over tomorrow me, who is now the really sleepy today me. learn from my mistakes, little poultries, don't leave it all till the end!

ok, off to do stuff. can't even remember what stuff. just wanna lie down and close my eyes and sleeeeeep...... but i shall persevere!


Zhoen said...

When moving, I am constantly listing, in both senses. Eventually, I give up, and know some stuff just won't get done, and such is life.

Geneviève Goggin said...

Moving is hell. Hang in there. Just keep your eye on the prize. You'll soon in your new home with loads of exploring and adventure ahead of you. Good luck!