24 December, 2015

merry christmas and all that jazz

you know you're polish when you've burned your thumb on beets before 9 am on christmas eve morning. it's a kind of test, i suppose. good thing, too, because i keep failing the vodka test - can't stand the stuff!

listen, my darling virtual poultries - may your holiday season be filled with all the cheesy goodness of your favourite christmas film, up to and including the sexy leading man/lady if you so desire. also, remember, there are no calories in christmas dishes, mulled wine is compulsory, as is cheese, in vast and unlimited quantities. may you be surrounded by as much love and support as you've given me over the years on this here wee site, and may the glow of joy light up your gorgeous mugs. mwah! giant and vaguely inappropriate christmas kisses to you all!


Tom said...

And the same to you....sort of! :)

the auntologist said...

Right back at you! Have a wonderful Christmas, beets and all!

Zhoen said...

Gimme a hug, then! I'm more for sake and tacos, but that's how the universe translates wishes anyway, at the best of times. Sending back chili and snuggles!

Lemme know what it turns into on your end?

Lucy said...

Seven minutes to go still here, enjoy the rest of the season and watch out for the beets - our equivalent might be burning our mouths on Christmas pudding or something! Happy Christmas.