08 December, 2015

communist milk bar

after running errands we decided to hit a local milk bar for dinner. for those unfamiliar with the concept, the milk bar is a cafeteria style establishment typically run by grumpy but efficient middle aged ladies in nylon pinafores, serving ridiculously cheap home-style meals on trays and chipped china predating the cold war. what you lack in terms of ambience and charm, you gain in economy and flavour. because i'm super picky when it comes to dead animal flesh, i tend to stay away from the meats but always make out like a thief as far as the dumplings and salads go.

as we were starving, mr. monkey ordered a large bowl of tomato soup with pasta that tasted like it was made by an actual human, along with a huge chunk of meat with a side of raw potato dumplings. i had a plate of pierogis with cottage cheese and potatoes, a plate of potato pancakes, a side of sauerkraut slaw, and a side of hot beets. although it was hardly an instagram-worthy meal, we enjoyed every last bite and ended up paying something like 15CAD. 

these places tend to cater to students, the poor, and the curious traveller. if you live in poland and are doing ok, it's unlikely you'd eat at a milk bar, and that's a shame because the food was really really delicious. granted, when i went to drop off our empty plates and peered into the kitchen to compliment the cooks, the looks i got were somewhere between bewildered and suspicious (the default setting of a polish lady of a certain age). 


Crusty Juggler said...

Sounds about right! Although I could never get used to the surliness of those serving ladies. "Ladies" is a bit of a stretch. I guess they're trying to make The Commie Experience complete.

Zhoen said...

I tend to be suspicious of pretty food, especially if it's expensive. The more like slop it looks, the more I expect it to taste better, being as it has something to prove.

Geneviève Goggin said...

Sounds like my perfect meal. Doughy things, patatoey things, beets, yum! I prefer eating at places like that over pretentious restaurants any day. I hope your trip is going well!

Joan said...

Glad to hear you've been watered and fed, as well as cleaning out the furniture at break-neck speed!Hope all the details of the estate are working out for you.Try and have some fun in there!