21 November, 2015

I AM NOT A ROBOT....or am i?

in the last few months, the usual captcha images that allow you to comment on blogs have changed from the irritatingly illegible wavy writing that one had to decipher, through fuzzy photos of numbers and letters, to a glorious return to the games of our youth, namely "one of these things is not like the others."  the new captcha  shows a series of images and asks you to pick all the things that match the top image, say a cat, or a stack of pancakes, and such is my paranoia, based on my previous inability to decipher the writing, that i second guess myself about whether or not i know WHAT A TURKEY IS and how it differs from a giraffe or something. i narrow my eyes suspiciously and look for a trick. perhaps it's not really a turkey; perhaps it's all animals that start with the letter T in a germanic language. or maybe what i think is pancakes is actually an interesting rock in a national park and instead of breakfast foods i ought to be looking for geological formations. or what if...well, you get the idea.

part of the problem is that i am also asked on a daily basis by a computer to state unequivocally that i am not a robot, which is all kinds of judgy (what if i AM a robot! can't a robot comment on a blog?!) and is not something that i know how to deal with. it's messing with my sense of identity and shaking my faith in a common reality.

now i know what you're all going to tell me. you're going to tell me to dip into the cistern of calm and stop overthinking things because sometimes a pancake is just a fucking pancake, innit?


Tom said...

On the other hand, I have to ask, "What kind of cretin is it that chooses to decide whether or not I am a robot?" Furthermore, what business is it of their's if I am a robot?" At least I pay my taxes in full, something I doubt that they do. Okay! Okay! I am a robot, and they are just corporate humanity!

Zhoen said...

I would prefer they phrase it as, "I am not a Spambot." Which is really the point. I have no problem with a polite, non-commercial robot making a comment on my site.

Often, I can't see the images well enough to pass, so I refresh. And I never get the sushi one.

polish chick said...

tom and zhoen - precisely. so glad you understand!