21 November, 2015


mr. monkey and i were working on a piece of translation for someone (long story, makes me stabby, let's not get into it) and when we finished he asked me to check the email he was sending to this person. when i sat down at his computer (gmail), i had to teach him about the hangouts  chat box on the sidebar, and it was then i noticed he has 655 unread emails.

moi: how can you do that? how can you have so many unread emails?!!

mr. m: (defensively) i don't spend every waking hour on social media!

moi: but it's disgusting!

mr. m: not really.

moi: yes! it's a matter of hygiene!

mr. m: well then, i guess i'm filthy!

moi: yes! you have a filthy inbox!


Lucy said...

The funny elderly friend of the awful artwork to whom I have referred before sometimes calls me in to sort out computer stuff for her. She has a hideous old laptop with Vista and her inbox is full of old unread e-mails, even before gmail started sorting them out for you I don't let it get like that. Tom on the other hand is so anally tidy about clearing out his inbox he frequently throws away things he shouldn't.

655 is a lot, dirty Monkey!

Zhoen said...

I'm with you, a well scrubbed in-box. But I also have excellent spam filters, so a lot of it doesn't get to me. My work email is a different story.

polish chick said...

a full inbox makes me anxious. as does a kitchen counter covered with things. it messes with my chi, as i keep telling mr. monkey, but he's who he is, and so my chi must make do.

Zhoen said...

I've had to significantly lower my cleanliness quota, but in the long run, that's been very good for me. Mr.Z just can't see dirt or clutter unless stridently pointed out to him. And only then for a few minutes at a time.

polish chick said...

it has been a source of much hilarity when my MIL once mentioned that her son was SUCH A NEATNIK. i must have snarfed and nearly choked on my food. it's not that he's filthy, but a neatnik he ain't. not even close. to this day i poke fun at him and point out how blind maternal love tends to be.