08 October, 2015

when you gotta go, you gotta go

yesterday i woke up super early, showered, dressed, drank a litre of water, held on to my pee as best as i could, went to leave the house, and realised that the lab visit wasn't yesterday, it was today, so i peed and went back to bed.

this morning, i woke up super early, skipped the shower, dressed, drank a litre of water, held on to my pee as best as i could, and am about to head off to the lab.

funny how many things we do instinctively, without a thought. several times already i have gone into the bathroom (to brush my teeth, wash my face, pick something up) and each time i'm this close to taking a pee because one generally does that sans thought.

à propos: what is the geneva convention stance on this? drinking a litre of water on an empty stomach and then holding it for more than an hour seems to me a rather cruel and unusual punishment.


Zhoen said...

Misery, certainly.

Tom said...

I assume there was a good reason for this torture, which perhaps non-medics and men in general might not know about? Whatever it was, I hope the outcome was what was wanted.

Jocelyn Appleby said...

this happened to me a few weeks ago. started drinking at 1:30 for a 2:50 appointment- too soon. I was nearly crying after taking an excruciatingly long train ride, elevator ride up and when I checked in for the tech to tell me the appointments actually at 3, but if I wanted I could pee for 10 seconds and hold the rest. 10 whole seconds, wow, thats so great! my challenge to you is to try this- pee for 10 seconds and see if you can stop. i dare ya!
Xoxox and happy thanksgiving :) Joce