09 July, 2015

which came first?

at work today:

e: do you want the good news or the bad news first?
moi: oh, i want the good news first, i always want the goo…wait, wait, WAIT! NO! i want the BAD news first! then i want the GOOD news for dessert! i ALWAYS want the bad news first. i just got confused.*

*seriously, this is one of the main tenets of my existence - bad news first, so i don't know what the hell happened, but i blame that particular lapse (as well as the lengthy chicken clucking episode in three voices that took place later…twice) on heat stroke.


Tom said...

Same thing happens in quantum theory, except that there is a finite probability that they came at the same time - or not at all.

polish chick said...

which tells you everything you need to know about quantum theory. and chickens. and news.

Zhoen said...

Eggs came first. Lots of eggs long before there were ever chickens. Dinosaur eggs, insect eggs, proto-chicken eggs. First chicken egg was laid by a proto-chicken, when a genetic change turned it into a potential chicken in an egg. It's an interest philosophical question, but from a biological standpoint - big no-brainer.

As with a lot of philosophy, a little data would have gone a long way.

Zhoen said...

Interesting. Ing. Really important ing. Don't listen to me. I'm an idiot.

polish chick said...

nope. no, you are not.