30 April, 2015

dead birds

i had a sort of epiphany some years ago - so many birds, so many many birds in the world and no dead ones, no bodies, no carcasses, no wings, to mark their passing. it puzzled me that with all the birds around, there was nothing of significance left behind.

since that time, i have begun noticing wings, rib cages, bits and pieces of dead birds along the streets and sidewalks of my daily commute.

part of me (the rational part, let's agree) thinks that this is simply a different way of perceiving - having once noted something, its manifestations become obvious: a new word, recently learned, pops up repeatedly in conversations, media, etc.

part of me (fantastical, mad, imaginative and hopeful that there is something more than mere grey rationality) thinks that the powers that be, those who lay out the daily scenography of our lives, were suddenly made aware of a failure on their part, and, as a direct result of my noticing the lack of dead birds, reevaluated their set design and decided to incorporate more dead birds. to stop the suspicion, see?

what do YOU think?


the auntologist said...

That's the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon, aka the frequency illusion. But if I see bird parts tomorrow, it's totally your fault!

Zhoen said...

Or, the universe going, "Fine! Fine, I'll HIGHLIGHT it so you can see it, sheesh."

We have to be tuned properly to hear certain sounds.

Alison Cross said...

I like the idea of the Powers That Be taking notes and sorting things out by leaving bits of dead birds around for you to notice now.

Try it with 'George Clooney' - see if the universe delivers bits of George to you :-D