20 February, 2015


in this day and age of electronic and cellular communication, of e-mail and e-banking, the only mail that comes to one's mailbox is bills (or, in the case of me, mrs. monkey, tools or thingmabobs or whatnots for the volvobeaste from amazon). rare is the letter. much rarer still, the parcel. the rarest of these is the parcel from overseas (and i don't mean from china via ebay). a couple weeks ago was that most magical of days - i got the much awaited parcel from lucy and tom. had it held nothing but the little card, it would have been enough. alas, it also held the most perfectly coloured hand-knit little baktus/karius scarf ever.

if nothing else, this blog has helped me retain my sanity by letting me air my inner demons and finding an audience of the most beautiful people, some of whom i may never meet, but who nevertheless play a very important part in my life.

for this, i thank you.

too much information? i'd best not run for office anytime soon...

having consulted the interwebs, i have just schmeared some banana peel poultice on my butthole. yes, interwebs, you need to know that i have hemorrhoids and apparently banana peel helps. i'll keep you posted. science? i blow raspberries in the face of science! gimme homegrown grandma remedies anytime! and if it's food related, i'm all the more interested. chocolate chip cookie crumbs for inner ear infections? hells yeah! peanut butter for psoriasis? yes, please! bleu cheese and pear mousse for tennis elbow? i do believe i shall try it!

added bonus - you get to holler, i can't hear you! i have a banana in my butt!

so yeah. that.

have a grand weekend, poultries. i wish you smooth anal walls. it is a gift that keeps on giving.

14 February, 2015

galentines day

a few days ago, m asked me if i would be her galentines date on friday as she had been invited to do a talk at a local independent bookstore. i gladly agreed since it had been a while since we'd seen each other, and suggested a fantastic local watering hole for a drink before the event. we met, we ate, we drank, we laughed and then we practically skated over to the bookstore because of the freezing rain that had covered the sidewalks with a treacherous glaze.

the bookstore talk featured three local writers, each reading a little snippet of her book. one read a piece about the stain and shame of menstruation; one read a piece about the gathering of metis women in a small cabin, and the illicit pregnancy of one of them; and the last one read a very evocative piece about a young girl envying her friend her beautiful communion clothes. it was heartwarming to know there was such talent all around. then it was m's turn to speak.

m teaches women's studies at the university and is intelligent, warm, and funny. she always pushes me to think, expands my mostly organic home-grown feminism with her academic perspective, opening my eyes to so much, causing me to rethink, and in no small way changing the way i see a lot of the things around me. she is the wife of a high school friend of mine, and i am ever so glad to have her in my life.

her talk began with a virginia woolf quote from a room of one's own about two women liking one another. she moved on to talking about a group of radical feminists who managed to maintain strong friendships despite being often vocally and passionately opposed in their points of view. she ended with  the story of us - how when she first me me (at a gods and goddesses party, where both of us came dressed as fairies, and where i remember her husband wore a toga and a solitary horn attached to his forehead) she immediately decided she did not like me because i was tall, confident and the centre of attention. i, of course, don't remember that last part, probably because i was used to being the centre of attention and didn't think much of it. still, she had decided. much later, when we were both living in the east, she and i met again at a dinner where she was surprised to discover she liked me after all. now, all these years later, we live in the same city, and see each other regularly at parties, shindigs, firepit gatherings, and our annual folk fest hot dog and coffee breakfast and talk.  the point was - that initial jealousy could have prevented what in the end is a really wonderful friendship. i am so glad it didn't.

as i have said here before, the older i get, the more i crave women friends, although i still enjoy my boys and men immensely. i am ever so blessed in both departments (to the point that k, my sanity salad, says i need to stop bragging about my friends quite so much!)

at any rate - happy galentines day to all my ladies, and happy valentines day to the rest of yous!

04 February, 2015

at least it wasn't newt gingrich

yesterday at work:
bta: it's been a long time since you dressed like a republican. lately you've been dressing like an undergrad fine arts student.
moi: alright, which particular republican would you like me to dress like?
bta: michele bachmann.
and that's why i love my job.