04 January, 2015

another day

i started a post reflecting about the old year. i considered a post about planning for the new year. eventually i gave up on both - it feels so arbitrary, this shift from "old" to "new." i don't really believe in new year's resolutions - i think self improvement ought to be an ongoing item on one's agenda, or not at all. i understand the need some people feel to give themselves a sense of direction, or turning a new leaf, but perhaps because this last year carried with it its own momentous ends and beginnings (graduating from school, starting a new job), i feel the new year is merely a continuation of business as usual.

our christmas was quiet, with at least 2 or 3 days given over to doing not much of anything at all. crusty juggler and d spent two weeks with us, thereby raising the bar for guests for all time to come: coffee was made every morning, breakfast more often than not, and while we still worked, d would have dinner ready for when we got home. frankly, i didn't want them to leave. guests who feel like part of the household are the very best kind of guests!

we rang in the new year with a soiree that has become an annual event - this year our guest list topped 40 (including the shortest, cutest, and least reliably toilet-trained segment of the population), and much fun was had. whenever i start to question the quality of my humanhood, all i have to do is look around at the people in my life and i am forced to recognize that i cannot be all that bad when i am surrounded by friends and family of such top shelf quality. mists me up, it does.

i managed to drink relatively responsibly and was thus able to get up the next morning (after hitting the hay after 4am!) and vacuum the party room with very little physical or existential discomfort. mr. monkey and crusty juggler and i managed to clean up a lot the night before, but some decorations remained. turns out some intrepid fellow condo dweller figured the leftover decorations were fair game and took off with two of my dollar store snowflakes, which caused me more disgust than pain. boggles the mind, it does, but whatever: there goes $2.50 along with my faith in humanity...

we are now in the midst of our customary january deep freeze and tomorrow work begins anew. i'm just thrilled beyond anything that the thought of a work monday after two weeks of indolence and bliss doesn't bother me one little bit. and so, life goes on.

may the new year bring you a continuation of the good of the old, and a cessation of the bad!