07 September, 2014


at work, i am the generally acknowledged purveyor of snacks - i have a drawer dedicated solely to microwave popcorn packets, rice crackers, chocolate covered raisins, dried pineapple and cherries, almonds, and whatever else.

b the a, a resident hyper-intelligent surly misanthrope with a sharp tongue and filthy mouth (and thus one of my particular favourites) often comes over with an almost dickensian look on his face ("please sir, i want some more"), and i toss him a snack.

friday, somebody was microwaving popcorn and, as expected, this brought b the a out of his cubicle, quite literally sniffing the air as he walked towards mine.

moi: 'twasn't me, b, but if you like i can give you a whole pack.

b the a: um, no. have you seen how fat i'm getting?

moi: a little.

b the a: wait. what did you say?!

moi: (confused) why, what did YOU say?

b the a: i said, have you seen how fat i'm getting?

moi: (relieved) ah. yes. and i said, a little.

as much as the man bitches about the beige police that influences much of north american life (ya know, perpetual political correctness, pasted-on smiley-faced surface politeness, paying lip service to diversity while terrified of anything truly different etc., etc.), i think he was truly floored that i said what i said. it's all good, though. we're still friends.


Zhoen said...

Seems a fair comment to me, but people get so irrational about their looks.

polish chick said...

well, the funny thing is that this is precisely the type of thing b the a would make fun of in our society.

Tom said...

I don't know how you do it, making an interesting post out of an apparently unimportant exchange.

polish chick said...

well, tom, it's because my blog is essentially about unimportant things. plus i found the exchange rather funny, though i feel like i have failed in getting across its sheer monty pythonesque ridiculousness. i guess you had to be there...