24 August, 2014

hello hitler (again)

crusty juggler and i have been going to an antique mall around these here parts, and coming out almost invariably laden with lovely whatsits, trinkets, and doodads, mainly of the jewellery and linen tea towel variety, inexpensive and pretty and happiness-making.

the mall stocks everything imaginable, including, imagine that, a print from the munich archives of a watercolour painting by one adolf hitler. it's an innocuous and utterly forgettable work, if not for the artist. each time we go to the antique mall, i walk over to see if hitler is still there. he is.

post-antiquing, we went out for some hamburgers and beer. invariably*, talk turned to hitler.

moi: i keep checking to see if somebody's bought it. and nobody ever does. i wish somebody would.

d: i think you need to be the change you want to see in the world. buy the damn print.

*not really. we rarely talk about hitler. we're more likely to talk about vaginas which are a far more pleasant topic all around…unless you're in your twenties, i suppose.

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