09 June, 2014


mommy, why can't i be utterly unique and unpredictable?

because if you were, my darling, you would seriously curtail the ability of other humans to relate to you in a meaningful manner. if you were unpredictable enough, you would even make it nearly impossible for you to live with yourself. a certain degree of predictability is what allows us to function as a single species. take it away, and you have a collection of selves unable to co-exit.


Tom said...

Oh yeah? There can be a certain predictability about unpredictability, don't you think? And that's usually quite interesting.

polish chick said...

tom, these aren't my views. these are the views of these particular voices in my head. i just write it down!

Zhoen said...

Not predictable, reliable. I like reliable. Not as fond of erratic.