21 June, 2014

funny ha ha

c: i met up with X….(details about X follow)
moi: i like X, though X lacks a sense of humour and under pressure goes all Y-like.*
c: i know! X didn't crack a smile once! and i am damn funny.**

*read: unbearably intense.
**for the record, yes. yes he is.


Tom said...

Sounds like a conversation between chromosomes! And no anger; that's well done!

polish chick said...

not between, ABOUT chromosomes. i didn't want to use real names or genders so i got really really sneaky.

Zhoen said...

Y not?

Alison Cross said...

How many people have you had contact you saying 'Y is really ME, isn't it?'

I've been thinking about how I perform under pressure and it's frankly a BLIND PANIC ....so I'm wondering which of your friends goes into a blind panic AND has no sense of humour....and that will be X :-D