25 May, 2014

what just happened?

last night a thing happened. i went to bed well before mr. monkey and promptly fell asleep. i have no idea what i was thinking or dreaming about, but i (half) woke when he came in and i must have figured he was either a stranger or god knows who, because i (apparently) tried to get up in a panic and managed, in a rather dramatic and spectacular fashion, to fall out of bed*…right on my tailbone. because i was half asleep when this whole thing happened, the first clear thing i remember is lying on the floor, tangled in the duvet, experiencing massive pain. it. fucking. hurt... mr. monkey, after semi-succesfully managing to stifle his laughter at what must have been a rather entertaining sight, grew alarmed at my continued distress.

i suspect i was on the floor for a good 15 minutes. the pain was so intense, i grew nauseous from it, and had to be given water. mr. monkey kept asking me if i could feel my legs, which did not calm me one bit but i could (and i still can). i finally managed to crawl back into bed and quickly realised i needed to ice my butt, so off he went into the kitchen to bring me my icepack, but instead brought me a cloth sack filled with plastic iceballs for chilling drinks. so i iced my aching tailbone with a bag of iceballs and was grateful to boot and every once in a while i heard mr. monkey chuckle, no doubt remembering the sight of me flailing out of bed, wrapped in a quilt, and landing on the floor. i'm sure it was funny. i just wish it hadn't been so fucking painful.

am sitting on the couch now, typing this, feeling rather tender. still, gonna get out there and do some stairs, because i haven't been running in a month and stairs are a reasonable alternative, plus, living as we do a short block from edmonton's steep river valley, we are blessed with a large variety of stairs to run. off i go. we'll see if i manage to do it without any more drama!

*a very tall bed. we have an extra tall bed, apparently for added drama in cases such as this.


Zhoen said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. D broke his tailbone once, slipping on a marble floor.

Can you find yourself some gel ice packs?

Zhoen said...

Coccyx, sorry, took me a few minutes.

polish chick said...

thanks! i have no idea if it's actually broken but it sure feels like it. last time this sort of thing happened, i smacked my coccyx into a lurching mexican bus seat and it was a highly localised and sharp pain. this time, the whole area around it is sore.

i do have a gel ice pack. i think mr. monkey couldn't find it last night but i'll be sleeping on it tonight for sure.

go figure - first day of work tomorrow! thank god they have standing desks!

Tom said...

Maybe taking some time out to rest the affected part of your anatomy might be wiser than doing physical jerks up and down the staircase. Surely the rest of your anatomy will wait for awhile?

Although we men sometimes come across as uncaring, it's not true. Really!

polish chick said...

tom - resting, unfortunately, usually means sitting, and sitting is NOT nice right now. the walk was really good, with minimal stairs, so thank you for your concern.

btw, mr. monkey jus demonstrated last night's occurrence to me, and it was rather funny, so i don't hold it against him that he was laughing while checking me for bleeding and paralysis.