01 April, 2014

the end is nigh!

two weeks, my bunnies, two weeks. in two weeks i will be as close to done as makes no difference.
am i happy, you ask? well, you'd think i would be, no? done with the drudgery and idiocy and frustrations… instead, i seem to have come down with a nasty case of stockholm syndrome, and find myself maybe not dreading the light at the end of the tunnel but definitely wanting to curl up in the dark where i know it's safe(ish).

the thought of being out in "the real world" doesn't phase me. nor does the fact that i have not yet heard back about my job prospects at My Number One Most Awesome Choice Job Ever and have neglected to apply ANYWHERE ELSE.* what it is, is a feeling of security and comfort in this dismal institution. why, even the second-in-command has become all smiley and friendly-like since we've gotten our official accreditation! i know where i stand here. i know that the amount of work i am expected to complete is simultaneously unreasonable and completely doable. i know that these hallowed halls (with electrical outlets so badly decayed that they sprayed c with dramatic electrocution sparks as he tried to unplug his laptop three times!) are a sort of home. i know these people (some of whom i have wanted to murder on multiple occasions) are a sort of family. and given that this last semester has been a challenge nirvana for this poor beast, this beast just sort of wants it to continue. see? classic stockholm syndrome.

i might need an intervention.

*ain't nobody got time for that shit!

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Tom said...

You see, that's the problem with getting over familiar with something. After the fun comes payback time. :) But seriously, I hope your future works out as well as you hope...and some.