24 April, 2014


i packed last night for my trip to poland. as usual, i had planned on only taking a carry-on, and as it was, i couldn't fill that darn thing. i added an extra shirt, an extra dress, and still, lots of wiggle room in there.

this morning, my mom called me and gave me a talking-to, because i had forgotten that a. i have one free piece of checked luggage and b. i would be coming back from poland with books and such, so i would need extra room. and so i grabbed a ridiculously huge* suitcase that mr. monkey had borrowed from his mom and hadn't gotten around to returning, and moved the contents of my half-empty carry-on into its cavernous interior. i added another pair of sandals. another two tops. a jacket. guess what - still half empty!

so here's my question to the interwebs: what the living FUCK do people put in their suitcases when they go for a week long beach vacation and bring three? full sized bottles of shampoo? six pairs of shoes including emergency hip-waders? fur coats in case the mexican evening gets a little chilly? i seriously do not get it and i'm a clothing addict - i have many lots of clothings and i love them to death and i like to look good, so it's not like i'm packing a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt (good lord, i'd have my polish citizenship revoked immediately, if not sooner!). so please, explain this mystery to me, oh people of the interwebs: what does it keep in its suitcases?

*likely a perfectly reasonable size…to most people. clearly, i am not most people.


Zhoen said...

I had a friend who always took an empty suitcase, to bring stuff back.

On the train, I packed my pillow, which made everything so much better.

Some of it depends on laundry facilities, if there will be none, I bring enough for a daily change of clothes. But, if you can just buy stuff there, I'd much prefer to do that.

Lucy said...

I think you must have larger baggage allowance than we do. Canny packing of an exactly Ryanair sized cabin sized suitcase, available from most European retail outlets, is an art form. It depends rather on the season though, I find; winter you can mostly wear everything you need, summer likewise and it's lighter and smaller, spring and autumn you need to pack for all meteorological eventualities.

Whatever, have a good trip!

Tom said...

I recall watching a dvd of the English comedienne Pam Ayres, describing her packing routine for a holiday. Naturally it was not-stop laughter. She packed for about three kinds of weather, hot, cold middling; morning and evening wear; casual and formal; beach and concert or other formal occasion; aa variety of shoes, jewellery, books and other similar activities, and so on. And that was just for her, not having yet got onto her husband's and sons' needs. A very entertaining programme, and she filled more cases than I would have thought most people owned.