23 April, 2014

migraine? check! embarrassment? check! nausea related to both? check!

hello. i am an idiot. or something.

right now everything is fixed, but i am still sitting here with a nauseous belly and residual redness draining from my face. why? because i'm an idiot… or a "moreon" as i appropriately texted crusty juggler the other day on an unrelated* topic.

i spent the last few days editing and polishing the crap out of our huge final report, as detailed in last post, and lo, today i get an email from the prof saying that a bunch of links are missing. yes. missing links. you're welcome, favourite prof - you want missing links? i provide!

so yeah, ok, not the end of the world, this. not even anywhere close to the apocalypse or armageddon or you know, a global outbreak of ebola or even a plantar wart pandemic. however, i have made a point to offer my editing services to said prof, going on at length how fucking detail-oriented i am. jesus. i could smack myself. even trying to quiet the nasty yelling voice inside my head by using the whole "would you talk to a friend like this?" thing isn't working, because if said friend had gone on and on about how she didn't trust anyone else with this job because of what a perfectionist she is and so forth and then forgot to link a bunch of stuff, i might not say these things to her face, but i sure as fuck would judge her on the inside. for being a stuck up moreon.

the only thing that is making me hate myself a little less right now is the fact that i almost used my grandma's possible lung tumour (she's going into the hospital right in the middle of my visit) as an excuse, and then felt like a triple asshole and didn't. because i only found out today. and because it's irrelevant. and because i may be a moreon, but i am not an asshole.

i fixed the problem pronto, by dropboxing him every single file he asked for within 5 minutes, along with other files and then some more files. i believe that's called a "snow job" in the industry…sheesh…what a moreon!

*well, related in the fact that i'm an idiot or a "moreon" on multiple topics. hurray for multitasking!


Zhoen said...

Asking anyone, including oneself, to be capable of seeing detail of any kind, while preparing a graduate level final project/thesis/dissertation, is out of the question. Hell, in the middle of a move, it's simply too much to expect.

Human brains can only do so much.

polish chick said...

true enough. it's just that it's extra embarrassing to fail at one's perceived super-power.

…sigh. apparently mine wasn't the worst, though, thank god!

Anonymous said...

Oh man. I just realized we hadn't chatted about the handing in of my groups project- not to one up your moron-ness, but trust me, we will one up your moron-ness.
Tell you the whole story over a bev one time ;)