05 March, 2014

things that go pffft in the night

did i mention i was celebrating a small little tiny deadline completion and a great mark on an essay? so i had 2 and a half glasses of wine. as usual, i should have stopped at two.

moi: blather blather, blah, blah, blah, stupid tired/drunk stuff...i really shouldn't have had that third half glass of wine…

mfr: you mean the fifth half glass?!

moi: yes. that one. so, you working tomorrow?

mfr: yes.

moi: but it's my birthday!!!

mfr: i checked the company website. they don't even know about it.

moi: assholes!

mfr: i know.

i am flabbergasted, because google knows about it! i know it's marketing and all that, but come on! how awesome is it to have the entire interwebs celebrate your birthday!? wait…what? what do you mean you didn't get my birthday google doodle? 



Tom said...

Happy Birthday, if a little belated.

Zhoen said...

Happie Bourthday!

I refuse to tell Oogle my bourthday.

polish chick said...

tom, thank you - not belated at all. just coming into it now.

zhoen - i don't remember telling the google, but the google must've gotten it out of me somehow. it's a wily beast!

Geneviève Goggin said...

Happy birthday to you! Hopefully you can celebrate properly on the weekend.