26 March, 2014


in our killer class today, we were sitting around in our group and parcelling out the massive amount of work we still have left to do until this is all over. suddenly i looked over and saw that c was writing with one of my good pens.*

moi: YOU! you have one of my good pens! you know you're not allowed to use my good pens! you can only use floor pens! what are you doing?

c: …but it feels so goooooood!

everyone erupted in laughter though c most certainly did not mean it in that way.

moi (after the laughter died down a bit): yes, it does have a very smooth tip, don't it?

new laughter. man, it sure felt good to guffaw at stupid stuff.

*there's a story in this: people are always borrowing my pens. always. and then they hardly ever return them. because i have two pens that i LOVE and do not want to lose, i have started to pick up random floor pens, keeping them as spares. people are allowed to borrow my floor pens. they are not allowed to borrow my good pens. you wanna borrow a pen? them's the rules.


Zhoen said...

I share work pens, the ones supplied. I hold on to my own, with a few rare exceptions. One surgeon is so meticulous returning my pens, I have no issue lending to him.

Glad you "enjoy" your pen. Ahem.

polish chick said...

work pens i used to share…within reason. these aren't work pens. these are my personal damn pens that i keep in my personal damn pencil case, and that people feel free to raid.

of course c has a special dispensation to raid my pencil case. we are at that point in our relationship, and he is a child of the electronic age, and thus my personal enthusiastic google bitch. still, it's only floor pens for anyone but me, and overall he knows that and complies.