29 March, 2014


my fabulous roommate and i have this ongoing thing - he watches sports on television and i make fun of him for watching sports on television. we also have a disagreement wherein i say i don't care about hockey, and he says i want to not care about hockey but in my secret heart of hearts i do, in fact, care about hockey. the truth is, i used to care about hockey, but i no longer do. my heart was broken too many times. i have moved on. as it is, he continues to inform me about games featuring the edmonton oilers (the team that broke my heart all these years ago) even though i don't care.

case in point, this morning:

mfr: the oilers beat one of the nhl's best teams last night!

moi:(skeptically) how'd they do that?

mfr: by scoring more goals than the other team.

oh lord…

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Zhoen said...

Ah, the humor of pedantry and literalism. Much as it is in our house.