28 March, 2014


my fabulous roommate and i were watching the last two hours of the godfather II (we started the 3h 20 min movie last weekend). halfway through, i went upstairs to pee. having noticed that my toenails were getting unreasonably long, i decided to grab the bull by the horns, as it were, and cut them right then and there. because i happened to be in the wine, i stabbed myself in the finger. i came downstairs, bleeding.

moi: i stabbed myself.

mfr: oh yeah?

moi: aren't you gonna ask how i did it?

mfr: how did you do it?

moi: cutting my toenails.

mfr: yeah. i like to do that during a break in a movie, too.

moi: well, they were getting so loooong!

mfr: well, it is a long movie.

later, we were discussing my pen situation (i.e. good pens, versus floor pens). mfr mentioned that the mysterious, almost brand new bic floor pens i kept finding in studio were likely planted there by bic as a marketing ploy. if so, i said, it failed; i prefer my fancy 4$ pens.

moi: i am a penisseur!

mfr: (laughing)

moi: … that's not what i meant.

mfr: (still laughing)

moi: i meant a connaisseur of pens and you know it!!!


Zhoen said...

When in jr. high/high school, I had a much less juvenile sense of humor than now.

polish chick said...

i don't know if my sense of humour was less juvenile, but it sure as hell was a lot cleaner. but yeah, maybe you're right: at this point, i consider it the height of sophistication to throw in the occasional "that's what s/he said" into the discussion on pretty much any topic.

if i cared, i would despair. luckily, i don't care.