06 February, 2014


it's not even 8am, so clearly i am not drunk. just a quick disclaimer to get out of the way, because i fear i may be heading in a sentimental direction and i don't want you to jump to the obvious, though wrong, conclusion.

mr. monkey and i were walking home from a lovely dinner party a couple weekends ago, carefully navigating the ice mountains that cover our sidewalks this bipolar* winter (-25ºC! +15ºC! again! and again!), when it occurred to me that while it may be inordinately hard to get one's own measure (so many complicated ego-driven, willfully blind, confusing, mood-related ups and downs!), it's really rather simple to do it via one's friends.

think about it - the quality of your friends says so much about you, don't it? well, i choose to say it does, largely because hot damn, i am one lucky lady in the friend department. when i take a mental inventory of the people in my life, i come up with the corollary that i must be pretty damn awesome myself to be surrounded by so much glowing awesomeness. if there's one thing i've been lucky in (and i've been lucky in so much! praise the little flying manatees!), it's the people in my life.

and now there's new ones to add to the pack - the ones at school (and you know who you are) who make me happy happy happy to see their shining mugs every day; the virtual ones on here who have held my hand when i most needed hand holding, virtual or otherwise; my fabulous roommate who doesn't really count as a new acquisition but whom i have gotten to know ever so much better over the last year and a bit and who has exceeded all my expectations** and who brings so much laughter and surreal humour to my daily life.

all the black sad bits in my life are more than offset by the gleeful gaggle of gorgeous gems that are my friends.

*never mind the polar vortex - the bipolar vortex is what we've been going through and it's exhausting.

**maybe my expectations are too low. note to self: increase expectations. surely that couldn't ever end badly!


Tom said...

"......I must be pretty damn awesome myself......" Why did it take you so long to realise that?

polish chick said...

oh, i realise and forget that i'm not that bad fairly regularly.

plus, it's not just the realisation, but the non-selfish reasoning that leads there: it's one thing to say, "i'm awesome" and quite another to say, "i must be awesome because my friends are fabulous" and i really would much rather say the latter because the former is a sort of self-negating statement.

still, thank you.

Unknown said...

I never liked you.



polish chick said...

that's ok, B. everyone's entitled to their opinion.

Brad Fischer said...

It's me!!!!


polish chick said...

and you're STILL entitled to your opinion. even if it's you.