11 January, 2014

you're off by just a teensy little bit

there's a raging horizontal snowstorm outside my window: trees dancing, huge flakes racing across the sky, wind howling. 

this is what the weather network is telling me:



Zhoen said...

You must be hallucinating, since the weather folks are never wrong.

Tom said...

I say, you don't have the British weather forecaster Michael Fish working over there these days, do you? In 1987 he said that there was not going to be a hurricane.....and there was, which caused great destruction in the south of England. Don't worry, he only made that mistake once over here.

Geneviève Goggin said...

Try Environment Canada. They often seem to be more 'pessimistic'/realistic than the weather network. I don't like EC's little icons because they're a bit of a downer, so often I'll switch over to the weather network to see if I can get a forecast that I like better ;-)

polish chick said...

g, i gave up on environment canada when we lived on the island - they had a 100% (ok, let's be charitable, 95%) failure rate and i got tired of yelling at the radio.

if i could find myself an arthritic farmer around here, he's the one i'd go to for weather forecasts. alas, the interwebs it is.

Cthulku said...

I like Google/G-Now's forecast. It averages 3 or 4 different sources, based on reliability metrics or summat.

Also: holy crap was that storm nuts. Delayed a lovely day's walk. Entirely inconsiderate weather.