12 January, 2014

memory lane, not to be confused with mammary lane, which is in a whole other neighbourhood

i really like this one. i used to be clever once. now i'm just…i dunno…not clever.


Tom said...

Oh, dearie, dearie me!

Lucy said...

That is a good, and fairly exhausting, if not exhaustive, list of things.

I frequently get that oh-what-a-genius-was-on-me-and-where-the-bloody-hell-did-it-go feeling, but the only thing is I know I often got it at the time when I was writing the thing I'm looking at now and thinking 'gosh that was quite clever, what a genius was on me etc', of that makes any sense, so I guess we just see ourselves as having been cleverer in retrospect. Except when I see myself as having been horribly, head-under-the-pillow-and-cringe stupider, of course.

I'd quite like to live down Mammary Lane.

Tom said...

Agnieska & Lucy; You both have made an error, a flaw if you will in your comments. Your cleverness, genius, call it what you will, has never gone away. It waits behind the veil, smiling at your comments, just thinking about when it will burst forth onto an appreciative humanity.