31 January, 2014

lady bits

dear manufacturers of the euphemistically named feminine hygiene products,*

what is up with the scents? seriously? if i was meant to smell like flowers, i'd have a pot-pourri basket instead of a vagina. cut. it. out. it's vile.

thank you,

concerned citizen with a non-floral vagina

*menstruation paraphernalia for those unwilling to engage in euphemisms when dealing with regular normal body stuff. yes, it's blood. get over it.


Crusty Juggler said...

Wholeheartedly in agreement. Those added scents are actually harmful to one's natural workings, and "flora" if you will. They make their money by making women feel ashamed of the natural processes of their bodies. They're utterly repugnant.

Zhoen said...

Have never understood that. Can always smell that powdery perfume odor at a distance, but rarely ever the hormonal smell even close up. Well, in my job, I sometimes get closer than in most normal social situations, but even then.

I hate that fake flowery stench.

Tom said...

I must confess that I was unaware that there was a problem in this area; certainly that there was pressure to use artificial 'stenches', as Zhoen so delightfully puts it. In this matter, I must bow to your judgement, and that of your commenters.

polish chick said...

so we're all in agreement? then let's march on the headquarters of procter and gamble with our blood-red banners unfurled!

Geneviève Goggin said...

Agreed. I actually find the smell repugnant and don''t use the crap. Strange post, but thanks for sharing nonetheless.

Lucy said...

Not sure we get those things here, I certainly never have, though I've a dim memory of something years ago. There are some which claim to have avocado in them, but they don't smell of it (which might be OK, since avos don't smell of much anyway), and they're not pale green either, which might be quite cool, or black and scaly on the outside, which probably wouldn't.

Mind you, do you remember those black panty liners that came out a few years ago? They were weird! I felt particularly queasy about them because my mum told the story of how she got septicaemia when she was young - in her foot, not her lady bits - from the dye in black stockings.

polish chick said...

lucy, if you don't get them, you're lucky. i occasionally miss the small print that tells me it's scented and then i'm bombarded by it, but my personal sense of parsimony does not allow me to get rid of the unfinished box.

black liners, huh? i do have a vague recollection. it seems really rather silly, just like patterned toilet paper - both items are purchased for their usefulness rather than their looks, so why bother?

Lucy said...

I think the black liners were supposed to go with black underwear, which again seems pointless since you don't see the inside of black underwear outside, and if you did, I can't imagine any clothing, however skimpy, which would make visible the part covered by the panty liner. Anyway, they don't seem to be around any more, so they can't have been a success. I got some as a free sample with something I think.