10 January, 2014

beasts! in the dark!

cooking and drinking with my fabulous roommate tonight (it's our friday date night), talking about why the geese aren't going south for the winter.

mfr: i was walking though the park today and there were quacking beasts in the dark.

moi: quacking beasts in the dark? 

mfr: yes, i AM nature man. 

mfr: doesn't that sound ominous? an ominous form of wildlife.

moi: yeah, it sounds like a title of a book…of poetry.

mfr: yeah, a lot of things rhyme with dark.

in the end, we have no idea why the geese aren't going south for the winter. anyone? any birdolologists (amateur or otherwise) please chip in.


Zhoen said...

Tough old geese, proving their goosehood.

Geneviève Goggin said...

Here's some educated speculation. Waterfowl is often tricked into sticking around where there's water that stays open near coal fired plants, water treatment plants, etc. Also, there's a lot waste grain around with all the monoculture that's done, so that's a good source of food. And climate change has made weather less predictable and more variable, so it's possible that their internal cues are messed up. Those are my guesses, for what it's worth.

polish chick said...

thanks, g, i knew i could count on my resident birdolologist!