27 December, 2013

wrong? yes, wrong.

my dear poultries,

it turns out that sometimes, hard as it is to believe, i jump to judgment that is unfair. in the interest of fairness i must hereby proclaim that snuffleupagus is actually quite nice when taken out of her usual overwhelming surroundings. i feel like an utter twat and i would like to stand here in public and shamefacedly proclaim myself wrong.

true, you don't know snuffleupagus and most of you have no idea who i am talking about, but those who do, need to know about my change of heart. judgmental twatdom is the frequent occasional corollary of snobby opinionatedness and there you have it. i was wrong.


Tom said...

Admitting one is wrong is a courageous act, but in your case not a surprising act.

Zhoen said...

I had one of those in high school. Treated her badly, fair to even call it bullying, I'm ashamed to say. She called me on it, in no uncertain terms. I had enough humanity to abjectly apologize and treat her better after.

The best lessons hurt.

polish chick said...

tom - i wonder if you'd be disappointed in me if we were ever to meet in person. you seem to have a very positive view of me. may i try to prove you right!

zhoen - i had one of those in junior high. i think i am a far nicer person now than i was back then. learning to be more patient, trying to get most of my vitriol out into the interwebs instead of people. still, kindness is important.

Tom said...

To ease your mind a little, it is unlikely that I would be disappointed in you, because I try never to judge. That of course is not always easy with some people. I think it is a mistake to create an image of someone and then expect them to live up to that image. That is a leap into unreality, and as you know I seek truth. If I have a positive view of you, it is because you have displayed positive traits. I have never suffered clinical depression, but I have experienced a kind of spiritual insanity whilst living with an alcoholic woman. I know what it cost me to face the truth about myself and the rigours of recovery. Having experienced that in myself, I cannot but recognise what it takes for other people to face their own demons.